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It All Started When…

I first experienced the life-changing community of Chi Alpha in the fall of 2012 as a freshman at the U of M and served as a small group leader the remainder of my undergrad! After graduating from the U in 2016, I stayed connected with Chi Alpha, volunteering as a small group leader for a year while working with a non-profit after school program. Throughout that year, my love for XA only grew, and I was presented the opportunity to step onto the staff team as an intern. After interning for 1 year, I knew God was calling me to continue to serve Chi Alpha full-time to reach Gophers for Jesus and see students experience the same life-changing community that I did! It's such an honor to get to serve on the campus where I was a student. My primary role focuses on overseeing our connections, helping students get plugged into the family and constantly pursue their next step in life-giving community. On top of that, I have the amazing honor of getting to personally pour into and mentor students and see them grow in their love for God and their confidence in living their lives fully devoted to him!
I am so blessed to be surrounded by friends who help make it possible for me to be here!