Leadership Summit (August 24th) to First XA Live (September 5th)

Goal: Get as many student connections and leads as possible.

Within the first 4 weeks, most students decide which communities they will spend their whole year with. Before the burden of classes sets in, students are actively looking for a place to call belong. Use this time to meet as many students as you can, and invite them to everything. Be persistent, many students feel overwhelmed. Once a student has given you their info, you have 48 hours to follow up until most contacts go cold.


Move In

Tuesday 8/27 8:30am-1pm, Superblock

Help freshmen move in, the fastest way to meet students in the dorm!

Sign up online (link under Updates tab)


Wednesday- Friday 8/27-30 11:00am-1:00pm, Superblock

Invite students to play games with you in the middle of super block and tell students about Chi Alpha.

Sign up online (link under Updates tab)

State Fair Worship Night

Friday 8/30 8:00pm-10:00pm, Crossroads Chapel

Bring your connections for a day at the fair, and end with the XA worship team, praising and praying into the year.

Attendance Optional

Explore U

Saturday 8/31 12:30pm-5:00pm, Marriucci Arena

Share about Chi Alpha with Freshmen who are looking to get involved with a student group.

Sign up online (link under Updates tab)

Labor Day Party

Monday 9/2 4:00-7:00pm, East River Flats

Fun games and free canes, the perfect combo. Invite all your student connections for this additional opportunity to engage with the larger community.

Chalk the Block

Multiple Shifts, Across campus

No method of advertising has drawn as many students to Chi Alpha as simple chalk. Join some friends and take the stencils out to spread the word!

Sign up online (link under Updates tab)


First XA Live(September 5th) to First Small Group (September 16th)

Goal: Create individual relationships with your leads and connections.

Most students find their community on campus through personal relationships. Continue to meet and follow up with the contacts you’ve made. Find a host in your dorm, and try throwing a party on their floor! Many students are just getting past the overwhelming rush of welcome week, so keep reaching out to the contacts you have made. Try ending every follow up text with a question for more responses.


First Friday Party

Friday 9/6

Second Friday Party

Friday 9/13

XA Live Afterparty

Thursday 9/12 9:30pm-11:00pm, SVC

Get ready to go nuts for some donuts! A game with the students who live in your dorm will help you connect with potential hosts and small groupees.


First Small Group (September 16th) to Fall Retreat (October 11th)

Goal: Foster community by connecting your students with each other.

Students are looking for both individual relationship and community. Begin hosting small groups and connect the relationships you’ve established with each other. Create an atmosphere that is fun, but vulnerable and safe. The main thing is always pursuit after God, and doing it shamelessly paves the way for others to follow.


First Small Group

Monday 9/16 to Wednesday 9/18

The grand opening of our small groups, choose which night of the week you will meet on and begin meeting in the dorms!


Saturday 9/28 10:00am to 12:00pm, SVC

This time is for you. Engage with other leaders, debrief fall launch, and look forward.


October 11th-13th

90% of students find the friends they will spend their whole year with within the first 4-5 weeks of school. Fall Retreat is the catalyst that sets our community. Those who come often stay for years, while those who skip frequently choose to move on. We believe that “Everybody goes to Fall Retreat.” The excitement and expectation we carry as leaders directly impacts our students decision, and without fail we see God move powerfully each year.


Finances are never a reason to miss out. Scholarships are always available to those who ask. Ask your students to email chialpha@umn.edu with how much they are able to pay, and we will cover the rest. Would you consider saving up to sponsor another student?