Band is our new communication platform for students and leaders. Replacing GroupMe, we will use band to better organize hangouts, share stories, give updates, and create laughs.

Join the main band, and an invitation will be sent for you to join the leader band as well. Expect regular and important updates through the leader band.

Outreach Sign-Ups

Successful small groups do not form passively. Sign up for a couple of shifts and begin making new connections. Stretch out of your comfort zone and see what God will do through you.

After the leadership summit, share the sign up with previous members of your small group you want to get more involved.

Fan Team

Your fan team is your coach and your support from the staff. They are here to help you succeed, grow, and be healthy.

Start meeting with your fan team coach after the first XA Live. For ease, try setting up a regular meeting time for the semester before it begins.

Staff & Board

While the staff team has not changed much, this is the first year we have a student board! Learn more about what everyone’s role is and how we will be serving you.